Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drinking with Purpose!

Today, August 21 is a national holiday in the Philippines. It is Ninoy Aquino Day, commemorating the 1983 assassination of former Philippine Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr. The husband of Corazon Aquino who was to become the eleventh president and first female president of the Philippines. The two are considered heroes of democracy in the country. His assassination led to the downfall of Ferdinand Marcos on February 25, 1986; seen by many as a victory of the people over-coming a twenty year running authoritarian repressive regime.

Today we will give honor to the Philippines with our drink of the day!

The Filipino version of an Irish Cream Liquor, it was named after the Philippine island Boracay, as that is where it was invented. If you can get your hands on a bottle of Tanduay Rhum,  a Philippine specialty you will really be in for a treat!

Ingredients :
(Makes a full pitcher)
1 750 ml Dark Rum
2 Sachets of instant coffee
(equivalent to 4-6 tablespoons)
1 Can of condensed milk
1 Sachet of cocoa mix
(Use Milo Choco to keep it authentic)
1-2 cups of hot water

In a large pitcher mix coffee and cocoa mix, add enough hot water to dissolve the two. Mix in the condensed milk, followed by the rum.
Drink is best served after chilling over night, but we are drinking tonight so... let chill for one hour and serve over ice. Enjoy!! Some recipes use brandy in place of the rum so experiment to your pleasure.

Mahbuhay, pronounced Mah-Boo-High, is a Tagalog word used to exclaim "long live". It is used in the Philippines the same way as "Cheers!"

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