Friday, August 24, 2012

Feliz Dia de Independencia de Uruguay

August 25

Happy Independence Day Uruguay! In 1825 the South American country declared independence from Brazil. As a national holiday, Uruguayans get to enjoy a day off celebrating with festivals, parades, and fireworks! I can dig it...and with approximately 56,884 Uruguayan Americans here in the States, it would be rude not to celebrate with them! If there is one thing that Getting Sauced with Style is not, it's rude.
(SAH-lood - Health)

With 90% of Uruguayans being of European/Spaniard decent, this popular drink bares a striking resemblance to sangria. A traditional sangria is made with red wine and fruits, while this delicious sangria blanca is made with white wine. The drink is made (and consumed) in mass quantities.

2 Liters of your favorite white wine
(don't be afraid to go cheap, once everything is added you won't know the difference)
3 Bananas

1 Apple
  1 Orange

6 Strawberries
1/2  lb Grapes

1/2 lb sugar


Remove the skin from all the fruits and cut into small pieces
In a large bowl mix all the fruit with the sugar
Cover with just enough wine to cover the fruit
Place bowl in fridge and let sit for a minimum of 2 hours
Add the rest of the wine
Each drink should be served with fruit in the glass

"Orientales, la Patria o la Tumba"

Libertad, libertad Orientales!

Este grito a la Patria salvó.
Que a sus bravos en fieras batallas
De entusiasmo sublime inflamó.
De este don sacrosanto, la gloria
merecimos: tiranos temblad!
Libertad  en la lid clamaremos,
Y muriendo, también libertad!

Himno Nacional de Uruguay
Francisco Acuna de Figueroa

Freedom, Freedom, Orientals!

This cry saved the fatherland.
That his bravery in fierce battles
Of sublime enthusiasm enflamed.
This sacred gift, of glory
we've deserved: tyrants tremble!
Freedom in battle we'll cry,
And in dying, freedom we'll shout!

National Anthem of Uruguay
Francisco Acuna de Figueroa

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