Saturday, September 15, 2012

Different Fields, Different Grasshoppers; Different Seas, Different Fish - Indonesian Proverbs

September 15,
National Creme de Menthe Day

The sweet minty liqueur is perfect for these cooler fall evenings. Creme de menthe can be found in both white (clear) and green versions. The two are interchangeable, and only effects the desired color. Traditionally the liqueur is made by steeping dried peppermint leaves in grain alcohol for several weeks, giving it it's natural green color. The creme in the name does not refer to actual cream, creme refers to the high amount of sugar in the liqueur, think Cadbury creme eggs! Mmm...enjoy this delicious and warming day!

The Grasshopper
Named for it brilliant color, the grasshopper was another delicious concoction courtesy of The Big Easy.
Legend has it the popular cocktail was created at Tujague's a popular French Quarter bar. The drink gained widespread popularity throughout the 1950's and 60's.

1 oz. Green Creme de Menthe
1 oz. White Creme de Cocoa
1 oz. Cream

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice
Shake, Rattle and Roll
Strain into a martini glass
If you are feeling extra luxurious, blend with ice cream instead of cream, Oh Yeah!

Here's to you and yours,
And to mine and ours,
And if mine and ours ever come
Across you and yours,
I hope you and yours will do
As much for mine and ours,
As mine and ours have done
For you and yours!

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