Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Death Once Had a Chuck Norris Experience!

September 5

Beard Day
This wacky day is brought to us by way of Russia. On September 5, 1698, Peter the Great, in an effort to look more like the western society, ordered all his courtiers and military personnel to shave their beards.  He also required them to dress more modern, hmm could you imagine that today? Those who refused were required to pay a beard tax. Bet he wouldn't make Chuck Norris Pay!
So this one goes out to all the bearded gentlemen,and ladies (We don't discriminate)! To ZZ Top, Santa, Lincoln, Jerry, Che, Uncle Jessie, Grizzly Adams, 2/3 of the Bee Gees and of course Chuck Norris! You my fine bearded friends ROCK!

Tolstoy Tang
Those wacky and wonderful Russians know how to do one thing for sure, Vodka! 
2oz. Favorite Russian Vodka
( Stoli or Russian Stand, perhaps)
2oz. Lemon Juice
Splash of Simple Syrup
(Secret: If you don't want to go through the hassle of lemon juice and simple syrup, use lemonade)

Combine all ingredients in a shaker and pour in to a tumbler!
It's that easy!
Garnish with a lemon slice!

You can Find even more fun Russian Toast at Learn Russian the Fun Way!

За любовь! [za lyo-BOF’] to love!
За удачу! [za oo-DA-choo] to luck!
За успех! [za oos-PYEH] to success!
За счастье! [za SHAST’-ye] to happiness!
За дружбу! [za DROOZH-boo] to friendship!
За наших мам! [za NA-sheeh MAM] to our Moms!
За новую работу! [za NO-voo-yoo ra-BO-too] to your new job!
За наших милых дам! [za NA-sheeh MEE-lih DAM] to our lovely ladies!
За нашу слабую половину! [za NA-shoo SLA-boo-yoo pa-la-VEE-noo] to our weaker half!
За нашу сильную половину! [za NA-shoo SEEL’-noo-yoo pa-la-VEE-noo] to our stronger half!

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