Monday, September 10, 2012

They Call it Golf Because All the Other Four Letter Words Where Taken! - Ray Floyd

September 10,
Happy Birthday Arnold Palmer

Born September 10, 1929, Arnold Palmer is regarded as the best golfer in the history of professional golfing. Nicknamed, The King, he is one of the golfers credited with popularizing and commercializing the sport world wide. 
While Arnold played golf in college it was his win in the 1954 US Amateur that inspired him to go pro. The following year he won the Canadian Open, then after his 1958 Master Tournament win , he was considered one of the leading golfers on the scene. Palmer won seven major championships, he is the fifth all time winner  in the PGA Tour, he won the Vardon Trophy for lowest scoring average four times, PGA Player of the Year twice, and leading PGA money maker four times; in 1967 Palmer became the first golfer to reach one million dollars  in career earnings in the PGA. In 1974 Palmer would be inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame, and then in 1998 he earned a PGA Lifetime Achievement Award.

By now everyone has heard some version of the professional golfer or golfer's wife saying she kisses his balls for luck on national TV, well many times this story is attributed to Arnold during a mid-1960's Johnny Carson interview. Jay Leno cleared this up directly during a 1994 interview:

Leno:... apparently Johnny said, "Is there anything your wife does to bring you good luck?"

Palmer: No, Johnny said, "Does your wife kiss your balls before you go to play?" and I said ,"I don't even go to bed without pajamas."

This joke has actually been passed around long before Palmer, it is widely believed to have been the wife of golf great Sam Snead in the early to mid-1950's. Some have suggested it was on the original Tonight Show with Steve Allen as host. Although a July 1954 newspaper column by journalist Walter Winchell suggest that it was John Tillman a popular New York newscaster, previous to the Tonight Show.

     "Mrs. Sammy Snead's dead-pan fo-pah while interviewed by J. Tillman (on the air) still has locals in stitches Tillman's comment made it hilariously worse!"
This may just go down as another great american mystery!

So today we toast you, Mr. Arnold Palmer; you and your balls (golf balls, freaks)!
Happy Birthday!

A Dirty Arnold Palmer
By now most people are familiar with the Lemonade/Ice tea beverage made widely popular by Arnold Palmer. As the combo was his favorite beverage it naturally became named after the legend. In 2001 an actual Arnold Palmer brand L/IT combo was created. What fun is toasting with Ice Tea though? We demand more at SS, otherwise the page would be called Getting Hydrated with Style!

2oz Sweet Tea Vodka
5oz. Lemonade
Mint for garnish

Combine ingredients over ice in a Collins glass
Set mint spring on top as garnish

"The first time I played the Masters, I was so nervous I drank a

 bottle of rum before I teed off. I shot the happiest 83 of my 


Chi Chi Rodriguez

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