Thursday, September 27, 2012

"If You Build It, They Will Come..."

September 27,

Last Game Played at Tiger Stadium

On September 27, 1999 the last game was played at the old Tiger Stadium. "The Corner" located at Michigan Ave and Trumbell, hosted the Detroit Tigers from 1912-1999, 87 years! A lesser known fact is that the stadium actually hosted the Detroit Lions football team from 1938-1974. 
The corner was first turned into a stadium in 1895, at that time it was just a little wooden park named Bennett Park. In 1911, new owner Frank Navin had a larger concrete and iron stadium built. On April 20, 1912, Navin Field would open to the public. Through the years the stadium would be expanded to accommodate the growing fan base, the largest expansion was in 1938, when then owner Walter Briggs would talk the city into moving Cherry St. Briggs Stadium, as it was known at that time, could now accommodate 53,000 fans, as opposed to the 23,000 when it was built. In 1961 owner Jeff Fetzer would give it's final name, Tiger Stadium. That corner has seen some history! Two World Series wins, 1968 and 1984, every baseball legend imagined, several movies, and numerous historical music events. Despite efforts to save the park, the last pieces were tore down at 9:24 am, September 21, 2009.
The Tigers are still ahead one game at publishing time! So we can double cheers the Detroit Tiger today!

 Eat 'em up Tigers, Eat'em up!

Chocolate Russian
Hold up, wait a minute...Let us put some chocolate in it! Today just happens to be National Chocolate Milk Day, with all these delicious holidays, it's no wonder our country is fat! 
So we are going to do our Tiger's toast with a delicious chocolate cocktail, that looks like chocolate milk. Hmm, maybe that should be the new name, Mama's Milk...nah.

1.5 oz. Vanilla Vodka
.5oz Dark Creme de Cacoa
1 oz. Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua)
Cream or Milk

Pour liquor over ice into a highball or Collins glass.
Top with the cream or milk
Are you willing to throw caution to the wind?! Wanna take a walk on the wild side?!
Use chocolate milk in place of the cream, heard me!
A Maz Ing!!!
(Said sing-songie)
"People who live in the past generally are afraid to compete in the present. I've got my faults, but living in the past is not one of them. There's no future in it."
George "Sparky" Anderson

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